The Yona

The Yona tribe is a tribe of Emerald Elves from the Emerald Wilds region. They are skilled jungle warriors and hunters.


The Yona are a Matriarchal group believe that lineage flows through the females of the tribe. While both men and women can serve as respected warriors, women are seen to be wiser and hold the positions of authority in the tribe and in the family.

Respect for elders is a main pillar of the tribes society and members are almost part of one large family. Those older than you are called Mother and Father, those of the same age are Brother and Sister, and those younger than you are Son and Daughter. Calling someone who thinks themselves your equal or superior a son or daughter is a serious insult.

Notable people and families


The matriarchy is led by a single woman, known as the Elder Mother. She is normally the oldest of the tribe healthy enough to rule. She consults a council of other elder tribes people on major decisions.


The Yona worship a pantheon of gods based around the natural world around them.


The Yona have limited experience with magic. A few of their number most in touch with nature and their gods have discovered limited magic potential.


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