The Story of the Wandering Child

This myth originated with the Telamonians but is well known throughout other tribes within The Emerald Wilds.

Three young Telamonian boys were sent out deep into the Jungle for their Warrior’s Rite. One of the three boys had dreams of being a great warrior and Chieftain of the Telamonians, so he led the other two deeper into the wilds than most care to travel.

It is said that deep in the Jungle, in a location now known as The Voiceless Grove, the boys encountered some kind of strong magic that opened up to them much like a doorway. Thinking it to be a sign of his destiny as a great warrior, the lead boy approached and stepped in to the doorway, disappearing from site along with the source of magic.

Unable to comprehend what had just happened, the two other boys panicked and fled through the Jungle. Only one of the two boys survived their flight of terror and made it back to the Telamonian tribe, mad with terror.

It is believed that the third child still roams the Voiceless Grove, eternally lost and insane. It is for this reason that the Telamonians, along with other tribes, avoid this area of the Jungle.

The Story of the Wandering Child

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