The Telamonians are a patriarchal, warrior society native to the Emerald Wilds. They are rivals with the Pramecean tribe.


The tribe is a tight knit group based around a number of small nuclear families. Roles are given to newborns at birth and they spend their entire life devoted to fulfilling their role. While the society recognizes the need of every role, the warrior caste is the only caste capable of ascending to the role of Chieftain.

Warrior’s Caste

Children selected for the role of Warrior face endless training as soon as they are able to walk. At the age of 12, they undertake the Warrior’s Rite to join the ranks of Telamonian Warriors as a companion. While all castes of the Telamonian tribe are valued, the warriors are the only that can achieve the title of Chieftain and often are natural born leaders.

Notable Members of Society

The Telamon family


The tribe is semi-nomadic, moving from area to area in the jungle in pursuit of better hunting and terrain.


The tribe is led by a Chieftain that is from the warrior caste. They are chosen by the other warriors based on experience, wisdom, prowess in combat and achievement in battle.


The Telamonians do not follow any religion although they have a reverent respect for nature. The Telamonians have been too busy carving a life out of a jungle to contemplate the great unknowns that often lead to the birth of Religion.

The Story of the Wandering Child is one of the more well known legends that the Telamonian’s believe in. Other tribes in the Emerald Wilds also believe this story to be true.


The Telamonians have heard of magic, but have not experienced it yet themselves.


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