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Etania is the name of the world that is the setting for the many campaigns, adventures, characters and villains. It is only as full as make it…


Humans- Telamon – A variant of humans that belong to a nomadic tribe of the Emerald Wild called the Telamonians. They are known for their size, strength and resilience.

Emerald Elves – A sub-race of elves native to the Emerald Wild. They have learned to exist deep in the jungle and are known as prodigious warriors. Their most well known tribe is the Yona tirbe.


There are no known nations at this point in time, beyond a number of tribal clans of early civilization.


There are no known guilds, societies or other organizations at this point in time.


The world is young, and history is something to be made.


The world is magical, but most have little to no personal experience with overt magic.

There are rumored to be mysterious teleportation devices throughout the world of Etania. One of the more well known stories about teleportation devices comes from the Telamonian tribe. See The Story of the Wandering Child.


Gods are rumored to occasionally walk among mortals, but have not yet imposed their will on the people of Etania in any noticeable way.

The Yona Tribe worship a pantheon of nature based deities.


The Emerald Wilds

A large jungle area in the tropical latitudes of Etania. It is believed to be the birthplace of intelligent life in Etania.

Notable Characters and People

Nobody has yet achieved a level of fame or notoriety at this point in the world.

Currently contact has only been made with Humans and Elves in this world. They came into being separately but close to one another. Only recently have the races become so close that there are rare cases of racial mixing.


Main Page

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